Restore America – Prologue

eagle1     Restore America – Prologue

(Exercising my 1st Amendment rights to Freedom of Speech)

**********EQUALIZATION *********

A Prologue of Discontent and Mistrust

            The 1776 rallying cry as characterized by the Boston Tea Party “Taxation without representation ” was the catalyst for revolution against an oppressive British Monarchy under the reign of King George III. While taxation was not the only issue of repressive government, when combined with other oppressive mandates, it ignited the fire which forged a united stand against a non-representative and repressive government.

             Curiously enough, compared to the escalating debilitating United States government trends since the 1960s, King George and his noble minions were pikers in respect to what has happened – and continues to happen to the United States. Disturbingly, the American citizens’ complacency and liberal philosophies have allowed the government to slowly erode the essence of the worlds most respected, mightiest and focused nation.

            That complacency has fostered an unchallenged 50 year transition of the United States Constitution, Congress, Supreme Court and Presidency from a “Government of the People, By the People and for the People” to a government of forced equalization and repression through exclusions, exceptions, excesses and excuses.

             The two phased Kennedy New Frontier and Johnson Great Society assaults on the fight against poverty and civil rights originally focused on revitalizing America in actuality became the vanguard for successive politically advantageous abuses and misuses of legislative powers. The dynamics of the Space Race, Urban Renewal, meaningful Civil Rights reform, and resurgence of extreme national pride succumbed to the depravity of the antithesis of the Kennedy quote “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. We have degenerated into a nation of ‘panhandlers’ qualifying for, and demanding, undeserved and apparently unrestricted entitlements based on race, ethnicity, economic status, sexual orientation and other self defined and empowering special interest foci.

            In particular, the “tax ‘em till they bleed” and “socio-economic equalization” legislative mandates reached their peak under the 113th Congress and the 44th President of the United States – Barak Obama. Through their legislative practices and actions, we Americans have experienced an exponential increase in the debilitation of our national defense, dissolution of our basic constitutional rights, degradation of our economic viability, collapse of our social structure and most importantly an unchallenged loss of our right to a representative government.

            For the nay sayer, the national transition from the 1960s through to President Obama’s de facto autocracy is self evident. Through periodic entitlement based gradations the continuity of successive statist government leaders have slowly shifted the focus of the American work ethic from dynamics to complacency to motivational torpidity. A dysfunctional society hamstrung by extreme fiscal constraints and indecisive self serving elected official?

             This unchallenged dissolution process, visibly and notably launched during the 1960s, under the guise of The New Society served as the precursor to the transition of America into an autocratic state with a long term focus on establishment of a totally controlled and compliant Orwellian society.

             The inevitable outcome appears to be a well planned and orchestrated program to relegate the United States of America to an unenviable militarily impotent and economically depressed third world autocracy. A nation populated and divided by motivationally handicapped, disjointed and diverse special interests groups – a nation’s people without voice, destiny or identity.

            Within the past 50 years we have effectively closed the gap between the idyllic utopian dreams of our forefathers and the draconian repressive and depressive measures of an Orwellian autocratic society. Each and every initiative conceived to bring about national and international security, human rights and economic growth have been bastardized for political gain – turning intended benefits into liabilities.

            The liabilities are self evident when evaluating the “true” State of the Union, as opposed to the politically correct and expedient administration’s interpretations offered by the lame finger pointing diatribe of President Obama. Dr. Thomas Stowell effectively opined “Whether Barack Obama is simply incompetent as president or has some hidden agenda to undermine this country, at home and abroad, he has nearly everything he needs to ruin America, including a fool for a Vice President.”- and I add “and divisive members of the Presidential Cabinet with questionable ethics, motivations and concern for the future of America”.

            In evaluating the failures and consequences of the economic, health care, national defense, foreign policy and elaborate pork barrel initiatives of the Obama administration, it appears that Dr Stowell’s observations are on target. However, the evaluation tends to be more in favor of a well orchestrated agenda to destroy America than the consequences of unfaltering incompetence.

            The imponderable factors focused on the distinction between political expediency, incompetence and malicious intent arise when considering that even the most incompetent management of a critical series of national issues defy the probabilities of being implemented at 100% debilitating effectiveness. In this respect, consider :

             – continued reporting of President Obama’s abuse of Presidential Powers and willful violations the Constitution of the United States – basically, instituting autocratic rule as substitute for Constitutional mandates and constraints;

            – divisive interpretation, implementation and enforcement of civil rights legislation establishing a broad spectrum definition of what qualifies as a minority and what encompass legitimate civil rights issues for “legalized and justified” selective applications of the law;

             – open borders when the threat of infiltration by terrorist groups and increased drug traffic is imminent and the President and Congress quibble about immigration responsibilities and immigration law revisions – welcoming and accommodating untold thousand of infiltrators. Many of which could very well be ISIS or related terror group members intent on doing grievous harm to the United States;

            – a totally ineffective to a non existent foreign policy wherein the United States is openly disrespected, mistrusted, challenged and humiliated globally. Our international standing is such that even Mexico was able to mobilize its military to patrol our common border to protect the rights of their citizens (and others) to willfully and illegally cross into the United States.

            – crippling decreases in out military forces and budgets when faced with increased threats of attacks on the United States by terrorists groups, increased international aggressiveness of a revitalized Russia, increased threats of nuclear confrontations with North Korea and Iran, increased expansion of China’s demands on territorial rights and more – and despite warnings by military strategists that our military Order of Battle is marginally sufficient to fight a major war let alone satisfy the strategic options of the JSOP;

            – a shattered economy with a national debt which places the United States on the verge of bankruptcy – and national budgets which continually exceed national revenues because of presidential and congressional pork barrel programs and politically expedient prioritization of national programs funding eligibility;

            – a shattered national health care program depriving citizens of medical care coverage due to exorbitant costs and budgeting major health care benefits for illegal (undocumented) aliens;

            – a major family economics impact resulting from mandated Affordable Health Care program which impacts industry to the point of converting employees from full time to part time (or unemployment) to avoid the draconian increases in providing mandated benefits;

            – a devastating loss of health insurance for terminated and minimized individuals and families due to conversion of employment positions from full time to part time while at the same time offering nearly unlimited “emergency” health care to illegal immigrants and families of “anchor babies”;

            – a continuing historical propagation of obfuscation of facts through cover-ups and “the Big Lies” to misinform the public and gain support of illegal and/or unethical programs and activities. The latest of which being the disclosure of Weapons of Mass Destruction being found and retained in Iraq – knowingly left in place by our national leaders and now in the hands of ISIS and ISIL ;

            – the ill advised and potentially pandemic threatening open door authorization to import Ebola infected individuals into the United States. Consider that just one Ebola patient in Dallas has caused 70 personnel to be placed under observation while another 175 health care workers possibly exposed – with two health care workers infected by exposure to that singular patient;

             – And the list of what appears to be a long term planned debilitation of the very fiber of America continues unabated.

John F. Vallone Sr.





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