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Secretary of Defense (SoD) Hagel opined :
“ We are gambling that our military will not be required to respond to multiple major contingencies at the same time”. When asked what the risk would be in respect to force reductions, a senior Department of Defense official said:
“If the force is smaller , there’s less margin for error. Lets face it things are uncertain out there.” The absolute absurdity of “If the force is smaller , there’s less margin for error….” defies logic. In today’s world, smaller forces, as projected by President Obama’s out year budgets (2015-2019) will be inadequate to meet the multitude of threats and challenges to our security at home and abroad.

Restore America – National Defense and Security

Restore America (Exercising my 1st Amendment rights to Freedom of Speech) NATIONAL DEFENSE & SECURITY          When Americans consider national defense, they automatically, and erroneously, associate the defense and security of the nation as the responsibility of the military. Essentially, the military forces are the singular element of the national defense equation vested with the responsibility to maintain a credible deterrent as a diplomatic and foreign policy tool against potentially belligerent forces and/or nations. Their employment into hostile environments to resolve international disputes results from failure of America’s foreign policy and diplomatic efforts to prevent hostilities.         Since the 1960s, the United States foreign policy has been a series of vacillating non definitive misguided and misdirected blunders. The failures equally attributed to the failures of the presidents of the United States, the United States Department of State and the various national security agencies in failing to identify potential threats and diplomatic ways and means to forestall hostilities. The United States military then is the ultimate foreign policy tool with the responsibility to decisively and effectively counter offensive and aggressive actions against the United States. This responsibility extends to support of our allies in the military’s role to enforce idealistically naive and grossly mismanaged United States foreign policies.          Basically, from review of the past 50-60 years, it appears we have no definitive foreign policy, just a series of knee jerk reactions to real-time international crisis. When diplomacy and foreign aid ‘bribes’ failed to resolve international crisis, our national leaders opted to ignore the significance of the crisis and/or resorted to greater monetary rewards to appease the aggressors and forestall the inevitable confrontations....