Restore America – Continuum 1 – Protreptic Continuity – National Security and Defense

Secretary of Defense (SoD) Hagel opined :
“ We are gambling that our military will not be required to respond to multiple major contingencies at the same time”. When asked what the risk would be in respect to force reductions, a senior Department of Defense official said:
“If the force is smaller , there’s less margin for error. Lets face it things are uncertain out there.” The absolute absurdity of “If the force is smaller , there’s less margin for error….” defies logic. In today’s world, smaller forces, as projected by President Obama’s out year budgets (2015-2019) will be inadequate to meet the multitude of threats and challenges to our security at home and abroad.

Restore America – Continuum 1 – Protreptic Continuity – Prologue

The November 6, 2014 mid-term election presented the opportunity for American citizens to exercise their right to vote and send a firm message to federal, state and local officials demanding government reform and redefinition. However, two-thirds (100 million) of the registered voters did not show up at the polls. That two-thirds of the eligible registered voters, most probably filled with apathy, distrust of government, feelings of unresolvable futility, and apparently resigned to the idea that their singular vote was about as significant as adding another grain of sand to the Sahara. The no-shows sent a strong signal to our representatives that the majority of American voters feel disenfranchised and are not a significant threat to their political agenda or longevity.